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Om Digital Q

Digital Q levererar digitala kösystem och innovativa lösningar för att digitalisera och effektivisera köbildningar och väntetider. Med vårt digitala kösystem omvandlar vi dina långa och tråkiga väntetider till fri tid, en service dina kunder alltid drömt om. Digital Q hjälper er att arbeta smartare genom att maximera tiden ni har med era kunder, resurseffektivisera, skapa förutsättningar för nya inkomstkällor samt förbättra företagets kundupplevelse.


Digital Q delivers digital queuing systems and innovative solutions to make queues and waiting times more efficient. The vision is to make the boring queuing the best service a company can offer. Our systems help you work smarter with queues by maximizing the time you have with your customers, as well as valuing consumers' precious time. With digitalisation, we help our customers to be more efficent with resources, work more sustainably and make room for new sources of income. 


It was in the beginning of Covid-19 that the idea of digitizing queues came across. The digital queuing system started as an internship project, but with big passion for innovation and digitalisation and a dream of entrepreneurship, the company was founded early in 2020 by the childhood friends Amanda Eriksson and Emma Hägg. Together, they saw the opportunity to make it easier for people to keep their distance from each other, as well as create a tool for staff where they could easily get a controlled customer flow and reduced spread of the virus. It was obvious that the idea was not only a solution during the pandemic, but also lay in the time to change a human behavior where physical queues are soon just a memory. 


CTO & Devloper

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